Nourish + Detoxify


Our Nourish + Detoxify product contains important nutrients to assist in cleansing and protecting your body from environmental toxins, free radicals, and cell-damaging molecules absorbed by the body through pollutants, processed food, injury, and stress. In addition, the Nourish + Detoxify vitamin packet was also designed to improve your digestion and flatten your stomach as your body eliminates the toxins from your system. Each product includes 30 convenient daily packets containing:

Multivitamin. A unique blend of essential vitamins and minerals designed to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to carry out its natural detoxification process.

Spirulina. A type of blue-green algae that filters out harmful pathogens and toxins, as well as supports your immune system.

Milk Thistle. An herbal plant extract which assists in restoring cells, particularly the liver, kidney, and gall bladder, that have been damaged by chemicals, stress, alcohol, and other toxins, as well as boosting antioxidant levels.

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