Healthy Lifestyle Essentials

January 04, 2016

healthy lifestyle

What makes up a healthy lifestyle? Sure, eating right and exercising are key components, but there’s actually so much more. We believe in balance – and that involves everything. From your work life and personal life to your friends and family, and even to balancing healthy foods with indulgent meals, balance is crucial. 

A healthy lifestyle will help you get more out of life and enjoy every minute of your time. But, you need to know all the areas that make up a wholesome lifestyle. Below we’ve outlined what we think are essentials that, when executed, make up a happier and healthier you.

Get Outside

It’s easy to get lost behind the blue glow of your TV, tablet, smartphone, or laptop, but fresh air and sunshine do a body good. Talk a walk, go for a swim in the ocean, or get lost in the woods for a while. Spending time in nature, and away from hustle and bustle of everyday life, will restore your mind; plus, it’s not a bad workout, either. You’ll be amazed how much happier, calmer, and centered you’ll feel when you take the time to look up from your iPhone and explore the world around you.

Drink Water

Stay on top of your health by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. While coffee and green tea make smart beverage choices, sugary sodas, juices, and alcoholic beverages not only dehydrate you but fill you up with empty calories.

Instead, infuse your water with lemon, cucumber, berries, and other fresh fruit for a spin on your regular drink. Not only does water keep thirst at bay, but it speeds your metabolism, will cause you to eat less, and helps your skin fight premature wrinkles and drying.

Take Your Vitamins

While you should maintain a healthy diet, taking daily supplements to give your body a dose of the good stuff you’re missing is essential. It’s perfectly okay to eat dessert and indulge, from time to time, and taking vitamins will back up those days where you skip the healthy meals. Plus, taking the right supplement combination can give you healthier skin, nails, and hair, strengthen your bones, or even kick your metabolism into overdrive, depending on what you take. So, it’s important to find the right vitamin plan for your lifestyle.


While beauty rest is important for your looks, it also does wonder for your health, too. You should strive for at least eight hours every night. No only will you wake refreshed and ready to tackle the day, but a well-rested mind works better than a tired one. Your memory improves and brain function increases. Plus, when you sleep, your body and skin restores itself. Meaning, yes, you’ll look younger, but you will also boost your immune system and metabolism.

So, despite what those busy-bee types might tell you, sleep is good and necessary! Make sure to not only log enough hours snoozing but keep your body on a regular schedule. Create a bedtime routine, and make it a point to go to bed and rise around the same time every night and morning.

Make Time for Yourself

In today’s busy world, we often forget to slow down feed our mind and souls. Try new hobbies until you find something you love. Create – whether you make jewelry, write poems, paint, or draw. Read novels, try your hand at photography. Travel and explore new countries and cities.

All of these things will make you a happier, well-rounded person. You should never stop yearning to explore or learn new traits. Find something you enjoy and find therapeutic; who knows? You might find a hidden talent!

Get Moving

Obviously, an active lifestyle leads to a healthy one. Whether outside or in the gym, work out your body; usually exercising about three or four times a week is good, but more workouts never hurt anyone! Do what feels best for you and your body, and be sure to change it up. If you get used to the workout, you may become bored and eventually stop altogether. Bike, run, swim, practice yoga, or attend a Pilates class; join a gym, hike, take up dance or another form of exercise: All are great options!

If you need extra motivation, find a workout buddy. A partner or group will hold you accountable, so you’ll be less tempted to skip the workout, plus he/she/they can give you motivation when you need it most. Plus, since everyone has a busy schedule, these days, it creates time to socialize and spend with friends you might not get to see very often.

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